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Contractor apartment in Ganei Tikva

Dear Amit
Thank you for doing a great job.
On the one hand a very modern design
And on the other hand an exceptionally appropriate functionality for everyday use.
We have to say thank you again to all the artisans who took part in the work you designed for us.
And again thank you thank you thank you !!!
It is a fact that our apartment is published in international magazines.
I am sure that in the future I will recommend you to anyone who wants an excellent interior designer / architect.
And of course the next project with us you will design because you are second to none.
Haim Doral

Thanks to Amit for his work for about two years designing the house in Ganei Tikva

The design of the house came out perfect for us tenants who use it and a wonderful look of the design
the touch of a colleague's hand

Thank you to all the craftsmen who took part in the many works in the apartment

Excellent and meticulous work by a colleague

Recommends anyone who needs a designer to contact a colleague

Efrat Arieli



A contractor's apartment in the city of Yamim in Netanya

Our dear Amit
After about two and a half years since planning the plans of our apartment
On behalf of the whole family, we wanted to thank you for all the help and support and accompaniment in the project of changing our apartment
You have become for us the only and surest thing in this project with the contractor
Every decree passed on to us by the contractor, you have found a way to soften and find a solution that we can live with
You have become part of the family, and you have truly done above and beyond your role as an architect and interior designer!
You helped us with everything the smallest and biggest thing that could be asked for. This is not obvious and highly appreciated
Still waiting to get a few more things for the apartment we bought and inviting you to a housewarming in the coming month
Finally starting to feel at home...

The Alcon and Kravetzky families


A private house in a kibbutz

Truly 5 star service!
Amit accompanied us for 6 years in building a house that lasted longer than expected
We received 5 star service with endless patience, great creativity and endless corrections and adjustments
Working with the contractor and subcontractors and the foreman and the supervisor
The phones for those who need them and the updates in the small hours of the night and his mobile office that travels with him all over the country
And the file in which the binders with all the proposals, approvals and sketches collected over time
And paying attention to details large and small (to the point of necessary niggles when building a house)
And recommendations for another supplier of lighting, ceramics, curtains, furniture, kitchens, showers, and what not, always full of knowledge
Ideas, connections and recommendations

(-: And the end result - amazing! And only we know what we wanted it to be and what came out in the end
And "on the road" we earned a friend, a man with a wide heart, an endless passion for what he does and a desire to grow and develop and learn all the time!
!Huge thanks
The Shai family


Private house 2 in Ness Ziona

Let's start from the end - we are satisfied. Very pleased with the result
My wife and I are two people who know very well what we want and what our vision is in the dream apartment
But we were still looking for a professional who would know how to navigate, offer ideas and sharpen weak points
For that we hired a colleague. Besides being a lovely guy, he turned out to be an excellent professional, with a lot of patience and a good eye imprint
With great talent he knew how to juggle between the renovator and the glazier. Between the marble man and the plasterers
He spoke their language, made it clear to them what he sees in the imagination and how things are supposed to be done
In these moments, when you are confronted by professionals who speak different jargon and are confronted by a person who represents you and controls them like a magic wand
You realize you did the right thing by taking a designer
Make no mistake, beneath the lovable smile hides a professional
As I mentioned at the beginning - we are more than happy with the result
We have no doubt that without a colleague it just would not have turned out so nicely, and for that we should say thank you
Whoever hires the services of a colleague will discover not only a person with a wide heart but also a huge designer
The Kellner family


Apartment in Rishon LeZion for an entrepreneur

Dear Amit !
Thanks to the creativity and design choices you made, you were able to bring charm to the apartment
Everyone asks who designed? And love the clean and warm look
Your attention, close accompaniment and your relationship with the contractor and the professionals in the field allowed me to continue with my normal daily routine
Thank you so much for your dedicated work, this project would not have been successful without you
Thank you very much and much appreciated
The Ashkenazi family


Private house 1 in Ness Ziona

!Thank you so much for the home design and in particular the dreamy bedroom design
Thanks to your creativity, innovation and professionalism
And thanks to your listening and striving for perfection
You have designed a living space that is fun and pleasant to stay in
Thank you for the warm, personal and professional treatment
The Titansky family


A hairdresser in Ness Ziona
Thanks to your creativity, innovation, perseverance, determination, professionalism, endless giving, warm accompaniment
You designed one of the most beautiful hairdressers in the country, and not only do I think so but also everyone who walks in the door
Your concern for all the details from big to small has led to a dream result, to a place that is truly in a different atmosphere
Beyond your professionalism and talent that can not be described in words, we also became friends during this period thanks to the warm character
Your special
rise and succeed!
Yehuda Dbesh




Duplex in Modiin

Dear Amit
The design process we went through with you was for me first of all getting out of blows and motivating to work for change at home!
It had a lot of "order in the head" and then came the great fun - the performance
First of all you helped me create clarity and distinguish between our real needs (for changes in the home)
And thought patterns regarding my home make a difference
From my acquaintance with you and our joint work, you have the delicate balance between listening carefully and sensitively to the client's needs and "cutting"
That is, to distinguish between what is really important to the client and the habit and pattern of thinking
Thanks to this balance you lead the customer to make his decisions when he is whole with them and feels confident about them
That’s how I felt with all the decisions we made
A point that was very important to me is your organization and order. The work plan was delivered to us in a short and quick time
Arranged with most of the details we talked and summed up: phones, testimonials and everything it takes to start a change and indeed we were immediately motivated to take action
We welcome the choice to work with you and are very happy and enjoying the changes we have made at home

Huge thanks for your commitment to us and your special way of working and designing with us
The Snir family



Penthouse in Modiin
Dear Fellow
We would like to thank you for the planning and design of our apartment in Modiin
Thanks to you, the apartment has been transformed from a simple and small 4-room apartment into a large, special and luxurious penthouse apartment
The value of the home has risen significantly from the purchase price
We thank you for the clever planning of enlarging the bedroom and turning the utility room into a special and beautiful shower and toilet
And on the application of both small and large details in order for us to have a comfortable and efficient residence
Also, the process of working with you flowed excellently from the planning, selection of items and execution with the best professionals
You work with them who have shown professionalism, seriousness and reliability
There is no doubt that everyone who enters our apartment is very fascinated by it
Wishing many more clients professional guidance as we have experienced
Thank you
The Gelfman family
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